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Quite simply, Legacy Giving is planning to make a difference in the future - for both yourself, as well as a cause you believe in.  The goal is to "leave a legacy" that can make an impact for future generations.

A legacy with JELF provides the opportunity to make an impact over and over again...each time a student finishes repaying their loan and pays it forward to the next student.

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JELF Legacy Donor

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"Jen and I are excited that our legacy will carry on after us by working with our estate planner and including JELF in our will.  The process was simple and we know our legacy will continue after our lives."


steps to making your planned gift

Learn about varying ways to make a planned gift.  You may find that you want to speak to an estate planner, wills and trusts attorney or life insurance broker.

Express your intent to JELF.  This will alert JELF to your intentions and allow us to help with any information that you may need in order to proceed with your planned gift.

The College need is Real

The Jewish community is often thought of as affluent, yet 30% of Jewish families nationwide have an average income of less than $60,000, according to Pew Research. It is our goal not to forget families who do not have the means to pay for their children's education.

JELF applicants come from single parents, families of immigrants, families afflicted with illness, job-related issues and those with special needs.  And the list goes on.

Naming a charitable organization in your will, or as a beneficiary in a trust, annuity or IRA or other, allows you to make a dramatic impact on Jewish students' lives for generations to come.  You can also opt to set aside a certain amount (or percentage) to advance students' education, giving their family a better livelihood.

Further, planning now can further help you and your family save in taxes along the way.

For more information about making a legacy gift to JELF or names of JELF's wills and estate attorney referrals, please reach out to [email protected].

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