Recycle the Fund Repay With Purpose

When a borrower repays their loan, those funds recycle to empower another student in need. With JELF's proud 99% repayment rate, our borrowers are contributing to the next generation!

You can set up recurring payments - or gift a repayment to a specific repayer using the One Time Payment link. 

Let us know what you need. We are here to help!

How does repayment work?

When does it begin?

Repayment of JELF loans begins 6 months after a student's final graduation, termination of course of study or a status change (i.e. from a full-time to a part-time student).

How long is repayment?

JELF generously offers an eight-year repayment period (although loans can always pay back sooner with no penalty).

What are payments like?

Repayments are set up as a graduated schedule, which means that in the first years of repayment, when income is likely to be at its lowest, a borrower will make the smallest payments (see chart below).

Repayment Year Percentage of Total Loan Annual Amount Monthly Payment
Year 15%$500$41.67
Year 25%$500$41.67
Year 310%$1,000$83.34
Year 410%$1,000$83.34
Year 515%$1,500$125
Year 615%$1,500$125
Year 720%$2,000$166.67
Year 820%$2,000$166.67