jelfie [jel-fee]. noun, informal. 1. a student who has received a Jelf loan. 2. a recipient quote & photo Our impact is measured through JELFies!

We are so proud to have assisted 6,646 students with over $21.5M interest-free loans. Click on some of our JELFies below to read more about each of them and where JELF helped them earn their degree!

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Eli B.

Shelley S.

Andrew S.

Larisa K.

Carter M.

Sophia C.

Destiny A.

Natalie A.

Tamir G.

Aaron M.

Sarah B.

Danielle B.

Allison F.

Marnie S.

Jordan R.

Jodi G.

Jacky L.

Adrienne S.

Larisa K.

Alexander D.

Rebekah P.

Amanda L.

Evaline D.

Brittany F.

Jane S.

Ben S.

Samara R.

Jenna O.

Emma L.

Arielle B.

David P.

Lianne M.

Ilana D.

Tara C.

Ilana L.

Diana F.

Anya W.

David S.

Spencer W.

Joshua K.

Shaayna E.

Alex and Maria G.

Megan W.

Matthew E.

Rachel D.

Benjamin W.

Sara S.

Lonnie P.

Heather L.

Sydney L.

Dorian W.

Thomas S.

Joseph L.

Alexis S.

Steve W.

Heath P.

Joshua B.

Isaac D.

Tomer T.