Articles How Expensive is it to Attend College in Virginia? (7/26/22)

What does it cost to go to college these days?  Okay, that’s a loaded question. Either you already know the answer (maybe you have kids – or grandchildren – who are in college right now), or you realize that there are several factors that create a major disparity in cost, like where you go to school for starters – which can be a complicated matter. 
If affordability is the top priority, then the closer a student stays to home seems like the most obvious choice.  But, unless you’re also planning on living at home, there’s a strong possibility that going to school further away could outweigh the benefits of living close by. Many students dream of going to a particular college and set their goals way ahead of time to ensure they are well positioned to be accepted. It can therefore be very difficult to tell a student who has chased these dreams that their family cannot afford it. 

In 2021, the total cost for a student from Richmond to attend Virginia Commonwealth University was $33,537. This includes tuition and fees, books / supplies, dorm / board, food, transportation to/from school, transportation at school and miscellaneous / personal expenses. By contrast, the cost to attend the University of Richmond, a private university, was estimated at $77,400.  

Samara Reynolds, a former loan recipient from Richmond, is incredibly proud to have utilized JELF, stating “While I applied to college not knowing what I would major in, I did know two things — I wanted to go to Virginia Tech, and that I would be paying for it myself. A JELF loan was one of the ways I was able to do this — bridging the gap in my own savings, the money I was able to earn through my on-campus Federal Work-Study job, and any other Financial Aid I had available. JELF honored all that I had put into exploring and honing my Jewish identity in high school and made it possible for me to engage in Jewish life and studies in college, as well.”  


JELF (Jewish Educational Loan Fund) was designed to provide interest free loans to Jewish students who demonstrate need. JELF loans are designed to help students who are pursuing undergrad, graduate, and/or vocational school. In 2021 alone, JELF provided $76,252 to 16 Jewish students from Virginia. As you can imagine, these loans, which never accrue interest, provide a significant amount of relief!  

Servicing a 5-state region (FL, GA, NC, SC, VA, excluding metro DC) JELF applicants can attend school anywhere in the U.S. so long as their school is accredited, and they are registered as a full-time student.  In short, JELF helps students chase their dreams – interest free! 

Want to learn more about JELF and see if you, or someone you know, qualifies? Visit us at JELF’s application for 0% interest student loans is available from January – April 30 and again from August – September 30th — so don’t forget to start your interest free journey today before it’s too late!  

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