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Shavuot is often affectionately known as the "dairy holiday" due to the fact Jewish people often consume dairy during it. Despite this, it is actually a holiday about the wheat harvest. The origin of dairy eating on Shavuot are debated, but one thing is for sure - there's always enough blintzes (The Spruce Eats) and cheesecake (My Jewish Learning) to go around!

fun facts

  1. It is common to study Torah on the first night of Shavuot - all night.
  2. Shavuot is also often also spelled Shavuos.
  3. It is customary to hear The Ten Commandments read on the first day, since it is the day the Torah was received at Mount Sinai.
  4. Blintzes and cheesecake may be popular Shavuot dishes, but there are many others - such as macaroni pizza (!
  5. Shavuot features strong women! The Book of Ruth is read on the second day.
  6. Children are an important part of Shavuot - and there are many crafts they can do to participate. Such as making paper flowers(Reform Judaism)!
  7. Sephardic Jews have a history of eating rice pudding (Sephardic Spice Girls), also known as sutlach, on Shavuot.
  8. Shavuot is celebrated 7 weeks after Passover / Pesach.

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(My Jewish Learning)

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