Jelfies Samara R.

Virginia Tech & NC State

Virginia Tech, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies NC State, M.Ed. Higher Education Administration
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While I applied to college not knowing what I would major in, I did know two things — I wanted to go to Virginia Tech, and that I would be paying for it myself. A JELF loan was one of the ways I was able to do this — bridging the gap in my own savings, the money I was able to earn through my on-campus Federal Work-Study job, and any other Financial Aid I had available.

I was able to major in something I was passionate about — Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus on Leadership, Social Justice, and Judaic Studies — and graduate in three years, going on to earn my Master’s degree and take the next step towards a career in higher education administration and career services, where I have been happily contributing to college student success for nearly 15 years on different campuses. JELF honored all that I had put into exploring and honing my Jewish identity in high school, and made it possible for me to engage in Jewish life and studies in college, as well.

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College is hard enough without the burden of student loan debt.

College is getting more expensive

The average cost of college in the United States is $35K a year. This cost is only going to continue to grow.

Income rarely matches the cost.

31% of Jewish families have a household income of under $50K. The Jewish community is not immune to debt or hardship.

Average student loan debt is $30K

That's a problem! With student loan debt at an all time high, JELF is here to help!