Fun Facts about the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanh

Rosh Hashanah occurs on the first and second days of the Jewish month of Tishri and is commonly known as the Jewish New Year. On this holiday, we sound the shofar, dip apples in honey and greet by saying L'shanah tovah!

1. Apples and honey are eaten throughout Rosh Hashanah to encourage a sweet new year.

2. The Jewish calendar year is different from the Gregorian calendar year. According to the Jewish calendar the year is 5782.

3. The Shofar (a Jewish instrument) is blown 100 times each day during Rosh Hashanah to encourage preparation for the new year.

4. Work during Rosh Hashanah is forbidden for Jewish people.

5. "L'shanah Tovah" (Hebrew; a good year) is the standard greeting for Rosh Hashanah.

6. Round Challah is customary on Rosh Hashanah - along with apple cake! Click either name for a delicious recipe.

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