Jelfies Rebekah P.

Northern Illinois University

B.A. Organizational Communication & Public Relations
rebekah peltz jacksonville and atlanta|rebekah p

The biggest impact JELF has had on my life was during the summer of 2015. There were no classes for me to attend or books to buy, instead, my studies led me to Los Angeles California where I completed an unpaid public relations internship for a world renowned fashion designer.

Knowing that JELF would be there to support my studies later in the fall, I was able to focus full time on my internship. By the end of the summer, I acquired many new skills and the confidence to move forward with my career aspirations. The internship allowed me to graduate a semester early from Northern Illinois University and accept my dream job in LA.

While the unpaid internship model is slowly disappearing from our society (about darn time), I’m thankful that JELF stepped in before my finances could squash my chances of pursuing my dream.

JELF made it possible for me and my brother to continue our education during a very difficult time for my family financially. I’ll never forget that IT IS BECAUSE OF JELF we are succeeding in our professional lives today.

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College is hard enough without the burden of student loan debt.

College is getting more expensive

The average cost of college in the United States is $35K a year. This cost is only going to continue to grow.

Income rarely matches the cost.

31% of Jewish families have a household income of under $50K. The Jewish community is not immune to debt or hardship.

Average student loan debt is $30K

That's a problem! With student loan debt at an all time high, JELF is here to help!