Jelfies Rachel D.

University of Central Florida

rachel daub weston

“Thanks to JELF, I am attending the University of Central Florida (UCF) and taking my General Education classes toward my goal of attending medical school in the future.  I am enjoying my studies as well as my sorority.  Thanks, JELF, for helping me achieve these goals!”

JELF Success Stories

JELF is dedicated to providing students with the means to
fulfill their educational goals.

College is hard enough without the burden of student loan debt.

College is getting more expensive

The average cost of college in the United States is $35K a year. This cost is only going to continue to grow.

Income rarely matches the cost.

31% of Jewish families have a household income of under $50K. The Jewish community is not immune to debt or hardship.

Average student loan debt is $30K

That's a problem! With student loan debt at an all time high, JELF is here to help!