Ilana L.

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Ilana L.


University of Alabama


B.A. in Social Work

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Ilana had her mind set on going out of state for college. She wanted to meet new people and move farther from home. Yet, coming from a home with a single mom supporting two kids, she was told she’d have to find a way to pay for the out-of-state expenses. At 18 she didn’t truly understand what a loan or interest meant. When her mom suggested JELF, however, she knew it would save her a lot of money in the long run. With JELF, along with her federal loan and a partial scholarship, she was able to study Social Work at the University of Alabama.

After working for a county outside of Atlanta, she decided to help people in a different way. She found a career in recruiting and is now a part of Home Depot’s recruiting team. She was able to pay off her loan, but she wanted to do more. She approached JELF and joined the Visibility Committee and she has donated to help other students with interest-free loans. “I wanted to give back and help other Jewish students.”

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