Thank You for your gift. Your donation helps shape the future of Jewish students in need.

We are so appreciative for your support of JELF in memory of Noah Leopold.  Please contact [email protected] with any questions you may have.

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JELF Success Stories

  • Eli B.

  • Shelley S.

  • Andrew S.

  • Larisa K.

  • Carter M.

  • Sophia C.

  • Destiny A.

  • Natalie A.

  • Tamir G.

  • Aaron M.

  • Sarah B.

  • Danielle B.


    Over time JELF has provided over $$2,055,042 in interest free loans to 6,646 Jewish students in our five-state region.

    JELF students come from single parent families, immigrant families, families afflicted with illness, job-related issues and special needs. The list goes on! Our interest-free loans provide relief by helping Jewish students who have demonstrated need.

    Together, we are making a difference.

    $21.5M Loaned Over Time

    6,646 Students Helped

    99% Repayment Rate