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How repayment works?

Repayment begins 6 months after either graduation, termination of your course of study or a status change to part-time student.

JELF's repayment period is 8 years (although you can always pay back sooner!).

Repayer Request Form

Planned Giving Inquiry Form

Once this form is submitted our legacy team will be in touch to help you plan your next steps.

Repayer Requests

How can we help?

Select an option below to help us understand what you need. In the next section we'll need a little information to just verify you and your loan.

In order to change bank information, you must fill out a new ACH form.

In order to change bank information, you must fill out a new ACH form.

In order to make a one time payment with new bank information, you must fill out a new ACH form.

If you have recently graduated or will be graduating soon from your final degree-seeking program, you should expect to hear from JELF approximately 5 months after graduation to set up your student loan repayments through ACH.

- If you graduate in May/June --> you will hear from JELF by November or December.
- If you graduate in August --> you will hear from JELF the following January or February.
- If you graduate in December --> you will hear from JELF by the following May or June.

At that time, JELF will provide an ACH form to set up automatic student repayments.

If you are going back to school full-time for an additional degree, JELF will gladly defer your repayments until your final graduation.  However, we may not be aware of this information, particularly if you are not using JELF for your upcoming degree, so you must inform JELF by continuing to fill out this form.

In order to defer repayment, JELF requests a copy of your school acceptance letter and school schedule (or letter showing the number of credit hours you plan to be taking). If you do not have this yet, you must send it to [email protected] when it is available.

Repayer FAQ