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Lonnie P.

Lonnie P. Lonnie P.

“The JELF organization helped my family afford college for both me and my brother.  JELF provided an invaluable service to us.  Going to college was made more affordable, and the repayment of the loans was easy to manage once we graduated from school.  JELF was introduced to us at a very important time in our […]

Isaac D.

Isaac D. Isaac D.

JELF has always been about community to me. The loans come from generous donors whose mitzvot are blessings to recipients and families, strengthening our unity as Jewish Americans. Even the JELF staff are household names to my family. My success is largely related to the stress-free, and of course interest-free, financial aid JELF offered. “My […]

Tomer T.

Tomer T.

“There was a low point in my life where I couldn’t feed myself. JELF provided me with the funds to be able to pay for basic life necessities. That’s why it’s so important to me as a donor to give back to JELF. Without JELF I don’t think I would have completed my undergraduate degree. […]

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