Tamir G.

Tamir G.

JELFie Story

Tamir G.


University of Tampa


B.S. in Chemistry

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Tamir was born and raised in Israel, but when his father’s bicycle business failed, the family decided to follow Tamir’s older brother to the United States. There were more opportunities in the U.S. including a chance to go to different colleges.

Tamir and his twin brother followed their older brother to the University of Tampa, where the small school allowed more time with professors. He also looked for a school that would allow him to eat kosher. Yet, paying for the school was a struggle. When Tamir consulted his rabbi, he learned about JELF loans.

The funding helped Tamir concentrate on school full time. He was able to work in a chemistry lab where his team used amino acids to create new proteins. He then got the opportunity to present his findings to the American Chemistry Society. “Going to college gave me my work ethic and being in charge of a research team taught me how to manage people.”

Tamir still uses his management skills as the administrative
director at a senior living facility. 

“JELF was wonderful.” Tamir reflects, “Everything from the application on was easy and the people were so helpful.” Now, he’ll also have more money to achieve his dream of one day owning his own senior living home.

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