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We believe in the incredible impact mentorship can have on individuals at various stages of their professional journey. If you possess a unique career or life experience and are eager to guide and inspire others, consider signing up to become a mentor.


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By being a JELF Mentor, you can inspire lives, share wisdom, and shape the future. Your guidance matters, and your commitment makes a lasting impact. Join us in building a community where mentorship transforms dreams into reality.

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Being Jewish in College

Fine the university with which you are affiliated to email the administration and urge them to take action to protect the safety and wellbeing of Jewish students on campus. Share this link with people you know who also have a connection to a college or university!

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Resources for Students

In the wake of Hamas’ brutal terrorist attack on Israel, and the rising tensions in Israel and on college and university campuses worldwide, your friends at Hillel want you to know that you are not alone.

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Take Action & Volunteer.

Are you between 18 - 40? Join Taglit Birthright's Onward Volunteer program. Take part in food rescue to operations to prevent shortages with accommodations in Tel Aviv.  Programs are each 2-weeks are are November 20, December 4 and December 18.

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Engage. Activate. Impact.

Mishelanu is a nationwide student network on dozens of campuses across the nation. The network is led by first and second-generation Israeli-Americans  and the program provides a home for Israeli-American students, becoming a bridge between Israel and the campus community.

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Together at the Table

Gather people in your communities for a Together at the Table dinner to engage in constructive dialogue during a meaningful dinner.  This program is geared towards graduate students and young professionals.

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