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do you hear the groggers?

Purim, also known lovingly as the Jewish Halloween or Jewish Carnival, involves the story of Queen Esther, Mordechai, King Ahasuerus, and their defeat of Haman. It is a wonderful holiday for the family to participate in - costumes, baking, and groggers (noisemakers) galore!

Purim involves groggers (Kveller), hamantaschen (, and costumes (Reform Judaism) ! Hearing the Megillah (yes, the entire 10 chapters) read is a commandment on Purim. It is also a commandment to drink until you can't tell the difference between Mordechai and Haman's names, for adults, of course.

There are many origin stories for why hamantaschen are shaped as triangles, they range anywhere from Haman's hat shape to dice. There are also several ideas on where costumes on Purim came from, although the most likely cause seems to be inspiration from the Roman Carnival.

Another wonderful mitzvah done on Purim is the giving of Mishloach Manot to friends and family. Want to learn how to make them? See here (AlephBeta) for a how-to! Synagogues often have these for purchase, but they are so fun to make. Synagogues often also hold Purim festivals or parades!

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