We provide interest free loans for Jewish students in need.

Making a Difference

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JELF has loaned

to over 2,296 students.


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Helping future Generations Go Forward

Every loan we make represents a student and a story. JELF has played a part in helping over 2,296 students by providing interest-free loans. We affectionately refer to our recipients as JELFies. Read and watch some of their stories here.

Since 1889


In 1889, JELF began as the Hebrew Orphans' Home in Atlanta, the oldest continually operating non-profit in the state of Georgia.

28 Partner Agencies


JELF partners with Jewish agencies across five states allowing us to really personalize the loan process. 

Jelf Recipients are making a difference

JELF has maintained a 99% repayment rate for over 11 years! We continue to add more Full Circle recipients, who have received a JELF loan and then become donors themselves, to our donor roll each year.

  • Repayment rate for over 11 years

  • Recipients who are active within their Jewish community

  • Alumni Giving Increase in the past 3 years!


So many of our loan recipients not only become JELF donors, but also vital members of their Jewish communities – in turn, helping future Jewish students in need

$599K repaid last year. This is one of the main ways our fund for new loans is replenished.

25% of our current JELF Board are former JELF recipients themselves or have a close family member who was a JELF recipient!

110 volunteers personally reviewed loan applications in Atlanta, Boca, Miami, Charlotte & Richmond.

As always, 100% interest-free!


This year the generosity of our donors just like you helped 394 achieve their educational goals. 

Need College Money

JELF provides funds for Jewish students from different communities and backgrounds. Applying is easy!

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