Megan W.

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Megan W.


University of West Georgia


B.B.A Marketing

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“JELF helped take away financial burdens while I attended the University of West Georgia pursuing my marketing degree. I was able to enjoy college life while interning with two non-profits which led to employment at graduation and then became building blocks for the consulting role I am now in.”

I grew up in Lawrenceville, GA and am the youngest of four siblings.  I have always had a passion for pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.  As a child, I was always active, pushing myself to become a cheerleader, basketball player, Girl Scout, a chorus member (even though I cannot sing to save my life), and other school and community groups. As an adult, I still continue to push myself and now have a passion for traveling, experiencing cultures, and being around people.

Of my siblings, I was the first to attend college and took on the financial responsibility, so that is something I am really proud of.  I was a JELF recipient through my four years of undergrad.  In 2011, during my junior year of college, I was also the recipient of an interest-free loan from JELF. JELF has been a huge contributor to my success in school and after.  As many young college graduates learn, student loans are not exactly fun and having a high interest rate is even less fun.

Currently, I am involved in several different aspects in the Jewish community.  I went on Birthright shortly after graduating college and then began playing with social sports at the JCC.  I then began to get involved in the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and helped plan and coordinate a reverse mifgash and other events. I also co-chaired the Birthright Alumni involvement at the Federation, staff Birthright trips, and played sports at the JCC, in addition to attending different social events throughout the community.

Shortly after college, I began my career in marketing and consulting at the Scheduling Institute in Alpharetta, GA. Having received my degree in marketing and sales, I am fortunate to have found a company that lets me use my creative and strategic talents. My advice to any young professional, or really any professional, is to find a career that will help you develop both personally as well as professionally. It truly makes a huge difference. I am now enjoying getting involved with entrepreneur friends and helping them with social media, word of mouth, or other outlets.

In 2012 and again in 2017, I had the opportunity to share my story at large JELF events and I was so glad to be there so that I could represent the importance of JELF and the difference it can make.  Having these interest-free loans for school made such a difference for me, and also truly affected the years after college and my ability to succeed.  Thanks, JELF!

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