JELF Application Dates

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Each year JELF has two application periods:

  • March 1 – April 30  for the full upcoming school year (fall, spring & summer); and
  • September 1 – 30 for the following spring and/or summer terms only

Both first time applicants as well as applicants who have previously received JELF loans are required to submit an application each year. There are no automatic renewals for students who have received loans in the past. Check this website during our open application periods to access our online loan application.


  • All applicants must have at least one co-signer.
  • In-person interviews are required for all first-time applicants and their co-signers. Returning applicants and their co-signers can complete a phone or online interview. (JELF Administrators)
  • Every applicant must submit supplemental supporting documents. (Required supporting documents)
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