Give a loan and forgive a loan for a deserving borrower.

it's a shmita year.
And jelf is commemorating in a special way!

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Loan Forgivness Can Be Life Changing

commemorating the ancient tradition of shmita...

In 2020, JELF partnered with a philanthropic foundation to forgive the loans of a select group of JELF borrowers who were struggling financially as a result of the pandemic and for other reasons. When we surprised these borrowers, we witnessed firsthand how loan forgiveness can be life changing.  Then came


the Shmita year and we recognized that the intersection of JELF's mission with this ancient tradition was a call to continue making a difference.  By forgiving the loans of JELF borrowers in similarly difficult circumstances, JELF can help them relieve a portion of their insurmountable debt load.  

Debt is crippling and we can help.

Thanks to two separate matching donations of $75,000 each, JELF has now raised $300,000 towards loan forgiveness.

give a loan forgive a loan final

We invite you to join JELF to help combat student debt.

Thank you to the donors who have already supported!

We are so appreciative to the individuals and Jewish synagogues who have invested in JELF's loan forgiveness efforts through the establishment of this fund.

Thank you to our matching gift funders:

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Anonymous Donor

Shmita loan forgiveness fund donors:

$25,000 - $74,999
Eydie and Steve Koonin

$10,000 - $24,999
Nancy Abrams
Jane and Craig Aronoff
Susan and Brian Banner
Sheryl Blechner
Dr. Mark Coan

$5,000 - $9,999
Karen and Norman Leopold
Heather and Scott Neu
Ilana and Richard Peretz
Patty and Doug Reid
Marcia Steinberg and Dr. Harvey Klehr
The Zaban Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999
Candy and Steve Berman
Elaine and Jerome Blumenthal
Melanie and Lee Lipton
Ellen and Scott Monen
Kathy and David Rubenstein
Linda and Mark Silberman
Ronit Walker and Matt Bronfman
Dr. Judy and Kevin Wolman

$1,000 - $2,499
Michelle Cooper and Jeff Alperin
Mindy and Warren Binderman
Kathe and Dr. Morris Brown
Ilene Engel
Cheryl and David Eppsteiner
Nancy and Ronnie Galanti
Drs. Marianne and Stephen Garber
Carol and Alan Grodin
Abi and Andy Gross
Mark Kopkin
Jane and David Kulbersh
Douglas Mandel
Carolyn Oppenheimer and Rick Lenner
Marcelle and Allan Oxman
Ellen and Rob Rickles
Bob Sugarman
Dede and Bob Thompson
Joyce and Dr. Ramie Tritt

Under $1,000
Michelle and Laurend Abraham
Sheila and Dave Adelman
Mary Lynn and Charles Alltmont
Sandra Bass
Rabbi Matt Berger
Lynne Borsuk and Rob Smulian
Linda and Sheppard Faber
Adriana Faerman and Glenn Gopman
Stella and Stan Firestone
Lois and Laurence Frank
Stephanie and Barry Gang
Jade and Greg Gaylis
Marshall Hyatt
Jonathan Kessler
Julie and Nate Leibu
Laura and Elad Levy
Jamie and Wesley Raider
Emily and Rene Sauerteig
Susan and Jay Smith
Barbara and Rabbi Alvin Sugarman

Thank you to our jewish partners who
have sponsored Jelf's Shmita loan fund:

young israel
temple beth el
Temple Beth El, Boca Raton
Temple Beth El, Charlotte, NC
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