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College Raptor, offering side-by-side comparisons of private loans!

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At College Raptor, we believe there’s a right college fit for every student. Our innovative college planning tools help maximize your chance of discovering the best college match and embark on your journey with efficiency and confidence.

Find Private Student Loans


Wondering how you’ll cover the cost of attending school this year? Enter your information and see which of our lending partners are offering loans for your school.

Parent PLUS VS. Private Student Loans: 4 Factors To Help You Choose


If your child’s financial aid package falls short, you might need other sources of funding. Before choosing which loan to take out for school — a Parent PLUS Loan under the parent’s name or a private student loan made out to the student — consider these four factors.

Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC)

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Free service which administers a variety of scholarship and grant programs, including the HOPE scholarship. The GSFC also makes low-interest federal Stafford and PLUS loans to students and parents. GSFC is the only lender in Georgia providing service-cancelable loans to encourage students to train for careers in critical need areas such as teaching and health care.

College Avenue Student Loans


An organization that helps access loan repayment options and find student loans that fit each student.

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