JELF Alumni are soaring!

When former recipients give back, we grow stronger. Each year, more former JELF recipients begin to support current recipients. 

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Career Services through Jelf

Whether looking for your first job or trying to find your next career opportunity, JELF's partner agencies proudly offer a multitude of live tools including job search, resume/cover letter, interviewing skills, LinkedIn -- and even one-on-one career coaching.


making marks: 2021 alumni newsletter

Please enjoy JELF's 1st Alumni Newsletter, 2021 edition: Making Marks! This newsletter features inspiring alumni stories, including words from Rob Rickles, an alum who has served as JELF's Board Chair and is about to do it again!

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We want to hear your story. Someone reading about your experience with JELF might lead to them to apply or donate!

Each year we have over 200 volunteers, many of who are former recipients, who give their time to help Jewish students succeed. 

Tamir G.
Success Story

Tamir G.

“Going to college gave me my work ethic and being in charge of a research team taught me how to manage people. I owe it all to JELF. JELF was wonderful. Everything from the application on was easy and the people were so helpful. Now, I'm working toward my dream.” 

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