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These resources are provided for your convenience, and for informational purposes only. They do not constitute an endorsement and JELF bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links.



Official website for filling out the FAFSA form.

Ph.D. Students


Explore the Open Education Database’s expansive list of scholarship opportunities for Ph.D. students.

Jewish Children’s Regional Service (JCRS)


Provides scholarships for college or vocational training in the form of grants and/or no-interest loans based on financial need to Jewish students residing in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee or Texas.

American Gap Association


Includes links to a medley of information about funding a student’s “Gap” Year.

Masa Israel


Offers grants and/or scholarships to help make Gap Year programs more affordable. Also collects information about other grants and scholarships available for long-term Israel programs from third party organizations.

The Student Access Loan Program (SAL)


Offered to eligible students attending an eligible USG (University System of Georgia), Private or TCSG (Technical College System of Georgia) postsecondary institution in Georgia. The SAL is a 1% fixed rate loan, designed to assist undergraduate and technical college students who have a gap in meeting their educational costs.

Georgia Student Finance Commission


Offers info on Georgia’s colleges and universities. Includes a complete listing of state and federal financial aid resources.

College Avenue Student Loans


An organization that helps access loan repayment options and find student loans that fit each student.

Live Más Scholarship Program


Funded by the Taco Bell Foundation, this program is open to students either currently enrolled in or actively applying to an accredited post-high school/post-secondary educational programs located in the United States or D.C. (including accredited two-and four-year colleges, universities, vocational-technical and trade schools). Applicants submit a 2 minute video as part of the application process.

Caregiver Scholarship


Open to students who are caring for an adult relative while enrolled in college (or as a high school senior). Applicants submit either a 1,500-word essay or a two-minute video as part of the application process.

Scholarship Search – Fastweb


Fastweb is your connection to scholarships, colleges, financial aid and more.

College Planning Tools


Focuses primarily on the College Board exams and includes financial aid information. This site also offers a great Financial Aid Calculator and scholarship search capabilities.

Center for Online Education


Today, millions of college students choose to take some or all of their courses online. Even as total higher education enrollment decreases, student enrollment in courses and degree programs at online colleges continues to climb. Learn how to properly fill out the FAFSA, get loan counseling and learn about lesser known forms of educational funding.

College Finance Glossary


Definitions for all terms related to student financial aid!

College Resources & Scholarships for Jewish Students


Guide includes information about scholarships for Jewish students. Also includes information about Judaism on campus and general college resources.

College Foundation of North Carolina


Provides a free informational website that offers links to federal programs as well as the North Carolina EXTRA Education Loans.

FinAid – The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid


Comprehensive financial aid program, including glossary of financial aid terms, links to other sites and a listing of aid based on specific interests.

Does a Gap Year Affect Financial Aid?


Before you decide if taking a gap year is right for you, here are a few things to consider.

The Federation Executive Recruitment & Education Program (FEREP) Graduate Scholarship

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The Federation Executive Recruitment & Education Program (FEREP) is a scholarship for Jewish students who plan to pursue a career as professional leaders for the North American Jewish Federation system. Eligible areas of study include non-clinical social work, public administration, or business administration.

Parent PLUS VS. Private Student Loans: 4 Factors To Help You Choose


If your child’s financial aid package falls short, you might need other sources of funding. Before choosing which loan to take out for school — a Parent PLUS Loan under the parent’s name or a private student loan made out to the student — consider these four factors.

Find Private Student Loans


Wondering how you’ll cover the cost of attending school this year? Enter your information and see which of our lending partners are offering loans for your school.

Sylvia Tuman Scholarship Program


Scholarships for qualified Jewish students who require financial assistance to further their education. Students must be enrolled or accepted into an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a college or university located in Miami-Dade or Broward counties. Preference is given to institutions in Miami-Dade County. The deadline to apply is typically at the end of May. This program is administered by The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

Georgia United Credit Union Scholarship


Applicants must be a Georgia United Credit Union member. See scholarship page for more details regarding eligibility and application process.

Simon Youth Foundation Scholarships


Each year, SYF’s scholarships support hundreds of college-bound students through three nationally competitive scholarship programs. Applicants are evaluated based on academic promise, financial need, work experience and community/extracurricular involvement; additional criteria apply to each individual scholarship program.

Aging Matters Scholarship


A scholarship will be given annually to a student that currently cares for an aging loved one, works within the senior community, or intends to pursue a career that will have an impact on the elder population. Applicants submit an essay on “why aging matters” as part of the application process.

List of Jewish Scholarships


Community and connection to history are two of the most common criteria for awarding Jewish scholarships and financial aid. Few faiths have as much history or sense of community as Judaism. Both national and local scholarships are available for Jewish students trying to find money for college. Whether you are currently practicing or simply of Jewish descent, there are Jewish scholarship opportunities for you. This is a list of the most popular Jewish-specific scholarship awards available.

The Sara and Max Goldsammler Scholarship Fund


Sponsored by Orthodox Union Alumni, this scholarship is offered for any high school senior or current Jewish college student for college tuition.

PDFelement Scholarship Program


This scholarship is open to students enrolled in an accredited college or university located anywhere in the world. In order to qualify for $1,000, applicants must create an original 2-3 minute video on the topic of “PDF in education.”

National Debt Relief Scholarship


National Debt Relief will award 5 scholarships of $1,000 each to outstanding college students pursuing studies in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. This scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in an accredited 4-year university or college located in United States. Applicants must be able to provide a unique solution to solve the $1+ trillion dollar student loan crisis via YouTube video, essay or infographic.

A-1 Auto Transport Scholarship


A-1 Auto Transport is one of the biggest U.S. based auto shippers. This scholarship is open to any current, full time or part time student of an accredited institution. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to become eligible. Applicants write an essay/article as part of the application process. Three awards worth $1,000, $500, and $250 will be awarded under the A-1 Auto Transport Scholarship every year

Life Lessons Scholarship Program


College scholarship program for students who have lost a parent. Qualified entrants who submit essays or videos about how the death of a parent impacted their lives are eligible for scholarship money. Applications are accepted online from February 1 to March 1. Scholarship recipients will be notified in the June/July timeframe; the full list of winners will be available around September.

Porch Scholarship


Growing demand and lack of qualified workers in skilled trades and technology means it’s a great time to go back to school and enter these lucrative and fast-growing industries. To help keep up with demand and assist the next generation of professionals, Porch will award a $2,000 scholarship four times a year to eligible students.

How to Take a Gap Year


Gap years offer an exciting opportunity for young adults to grow and learn. Ultimately, by choosing a destination, thinking about ways to finance your gap year, and focusing on self-discovery, you’ll be better prepared to take a gap year.

Law School Scholarship Program

· ,

Students who go to graduate school for law collectively take on millions of dollars in student debt. The good news is that there are many law school scholarships and grants out there. Some are even sponsored by private law firms.

South Carolina Student Loan Corporation


Designated by the State of South Carolina, South Carolina Student Loan (SCSL) is the only statewide non-profit education lender. Provides assistance through the SC Teachers Loan Program, Palmetto Assistance Loan, and Financial Literacy.

College Financial Aid Director


Provides links to state financial aid programs for SC residents.

Thelma & Isador S. Segall College Scholarship Fund


Scholarship for qualified Jewish students living in the Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service catchment area (from Boynton Beach north to Indian River County and west to Wellington) and planning to attend a Florida university or community college.

Florida Office for Student Financial Assistance


The Florida Department of Education,
Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA)
is your designated guaranty agency for the state of Florida.

Student Aid Foundation


The Student Aid Foundation is an Atlanta-based non-profit, private foundation with over a 100 years history of helping women achieve their educational goals to pave the way for a bright future. Loans are eligible to women who are residents of Georgia (attending school elsewhere) or students attending school in Georgia. Loans accrue no interest while a student is in school.

JIFLA (Jewish Interest Free Loan of Atlanta)


Provides interest-free loans to Jewish individuals in the metro-Atlanta area and surrounding communities. NOTE: JIFLA does not provide educational loans. Their goal is to assist Jews in maintaining or achieving financial stability.

Eda and Cliff Viner Community Scholars Foundation


The Viner Community Scholarship is a program that provides South Palm Beach County High School students with four year scholarships to colleges and universities in the State of Florida public educational system.

Murray I. Daninhirsch Student Loan Fund


Administered by the Soref JCC, the Murray I. Daninhirsch Student Loan Fund offers interest-free loans for undergraduate study to students who come from families permanently residing in the Broward County area north of State Road 84.

Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC)

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Free service which administers a variety of scholarship and grant programs, including the HOPE scholarship. The GSFC also makes low-interest federal Stafford and PLUS loans to students and parents. GSFC is the only lender in Georgia providing service-cancelable loans to encourage students to train for careers in critical need areas such as teaching and health care.

Graduate Scholarships

· ,

Explore the Open Education Database’s expansive list of scholarships for grad school students.

Resources for First Generation College Students


Half of all undergraduate college students identify as first generation college students — meaning students whose parents never completed a bachelor’s degree. This resource will help guide first generation college students and their families with the additional barriers and challenges they may face.

Academic Common Market

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Is a degree program you’d like to pursue not available in your state? Is out-of state tuition a barrier to a major offered at a college in another state? Study in a specialized field at an out-of-state college. Pay in-state tuition rates. Learn more about the Academic Common Market through the Southern Regional Education Board.

81 personal finance tips every young adult should live by


Struggling to get your personal finances in order? You’re not alone. A GoBankingRates survey found that 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account. This resource of 81 personal finance tips will help get you on the right path towards being financially free.

Money 101 For Millennials: Improving Your Financial Literacy


Most millennials are now in their 20s and 30s — the time when many people make major financial decisions, like home ownership and long-term investment strategies. If you’re part of this generation and feel undereducated about your finances, follow this advice.

Reasons for Working Your Way Through College


Working during college has many benefits. Although it does take extra effort to hold down a job and still get good grades, you can do it!

College Spending Dos and Don’ts


Before you buy for college, consider what items are most important and what you can skip to save money. Remember, it is important to avoid making financial mistakes in college since they will follow you into your adult life.

The Marcus Joseph Debaise Scholarship


The Marcus Joseph Debaise Scholarship has been created to help one student defray the high cost of university tuition. Marcus believes that everyone who seeks high education should be able to do so. The Marcus Joseph Debaise Scholarship is the result of his commitment. The award amount is $1000 and submission deadline is August 1, 2020.

Law School Scholarship Link

· ,

Law school is expensive – and students who go to graduate school for law collectively take on millions of dollars in student debt. The good news is that there are many law school scholarships and grants out there. Some are even sponsored by private law firms. For more information contact [email protected]



Paying for college is no easy task. Learn about the steps you should take and find resources that can help you along the way.

Ram Duriseti Grant


Ram Duriseti is a doctor who is pleased to announce his annual $1000 scholarship for university students looking for an extra help with their tuition. The deadline for the application for the one-time $1000 grant is August 1st and the winner will be announced on August 15th.

Arlington Capital Management Scholarship


Arlington Capital Management has established a $1000 scholarship, dedicated to US-based students looking for tuition assistance. Applicants must write a 700-800 word essay on “Growth Capital and Future Trends.” Application deadline is October 1st and the winner will be announced on October 15th.

Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft Scholarship


The Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft Scholarship has been created to help one student defray the high cost of university tuition. Marc believes that everyone who seeks high education should be able to do so. The $1000 scholarship’s deadline is August 1 and they notify the winner August 15th.

180 Medical Caregiver Scholarship


180 Medical’s new annual scholarship opportunity is for full-time college students who are unpaid caregivers for a family member or loved one with a chronic disability or medical condition. The Ron Howell Caregiver Scholarship is awarded to one student for $1000. This opportunity is offered to legal U.S. Citizens seeking a two-year, four-year, or graduate school program full time in the fall. There is no specific GPA guideline. We accept applications through June 1st.

Jared J Davis Scholarship


Jared J. Davis is an entrepreneur looking to assist one struggling college student via his tuition grant.

Marcus J. Debaise Scholarship


Marcus J. Debaise scholarship is known to be a preeminent scholarship program that aims to fulfill the dreams of a talented young mind by providing him with $1000 in terms of scholarship. Submit an essay on ‘Some Effective Strategies that a Startup Entrepreneur Must Consider’. Send your submissions to Marcus J. Debaise via an email at [email protected]

Martin Polanco Scholarship


The Martin Polanco Scholarship will be awarded to a bright young student who is willing to submit an application essay about the following topic:

“The powers and promises of psychedelic medicine in the treatment of depression and other psychiatric issues”.

The Martin Polanco Scholarship will award $1,000 to the winner of the scholarship to pay for his or her tuition fees. Deadline is March 15th.

Florin|Roebig College Scholarship Essay Contest


Essay Topic

Using your insight as a student and knowledge of your school, think of a new program to help prevent sexual assault on college campuses. Do your research. What programs are already available, and why is yours different? Include all the materials and resources that you’d need to make this program happen. Be creative and thorough.

Essay Guidelines:

  • Essay submissions should be no longer than 1,200 words.
  • All essays will be judged by the quality of the content, degree of originality, and feasibility.
  • Essay submission deadline: July 1st, 2020 – Extended to December 15, 2020
  • Award announcement: July 15th, 2020 – Now announced January 15, 2021

How To Enter The Florin|Roebig Scholarship Essay Contest:

  • Review eligibility requirements to make sure you qualify.
  • Apply via email and provide your name, your major, and the name of the institution you are attending.
  • Submit essays to [email protected]

***Winning essays will be published on our website, FlorinRoebig.com, and used for the purpose of raising awareness for sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Curt E. Liebman MD Grant


The applicant can be a senior student at high school that seems to be having the affiliation to an accredited institution, college, or university, or a freshman, junior or sophomore in an accredited US-based university. The applicant needs to submit an essay answering the following question: “Should uninsured people be provided with any medical care?” The winner of the essay contest will receive $1000. Deadline is March 1st, 2021.

Your essay must be attached to the email as a Word document along with the following information:

  • First Name/Last Name
  • Contact Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • University or College name
  • Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)
  • The accredited institute, university or college that you are currently enrolled at
  • Your existing GPA

Selection of the Grant Winner

The Curt E. Liebman MD Grant’s winner will be chosen on the basis of both performance as well as merit. The money will be transferred to the winner’s financial aid account.

Catholic Scholarships and Grants


One of the greatest things about Christian higher education institutions in the US is that although 65% of the students enrolled are Catholic, others represent a variety of faiths and minorities. Because of such impressive popularity of faith-based schools, many students are interested in exploring specific scholarships for Christian students. This site has gathered everything you need to know about applying for a scholarship and attending a Catholic university.

2021-2022 ISN Skilled Trade & Technology Scholarships


Growing demand and lack of qualified workers in skilled trades and technology means it’s a great time to go back to school and enter these lucrative and fast-growing industries. To help keep up with demand and assist the next generation of professionals, ISN will award a $2,000 scholarship four times a year to eligible students.

Entries are now being accepted for the Winter scholarship, which runs from January 16th 2021-April 16th 2021.


Are you eligibile?

  • You must be 18 years or over and currently be enrolled as a high school senior, or in a community college, undergraduate, graduate, technical college, or vocational program, or be planning to enroll in a high school, community college, undergraduate, graduate, technical college, or vocational program during the 2021-2022 academic program in the United States.
  • You must have a minimum 3.4 GPA.
  • You must be pursuing a degree that enables you or others in your community to learn a new trade, develop skills and technology, or start a small business related to home services offered by ISN.

How are winners selected?

  • Winners will be drawn at random from all eligible entries shortly after the application deadline has ended.

How and when do I find out if I won?

  • Winners will be contacted by email within a reasonable time after the application deadline has ended.

Can I submit more than one entry?

  • Each scholarship is limited to one (1) entry per person.

The Rina Sky Wolfgang Memorial Scholarship


Rina Sky Wolfgang was a teacher for over 40 years. She helped students to see the best in themselves, to identify their unique strengths, to overcome obstacles, and to always work hard to achieve their goals. Rina bravely fought cancer for nearly 7 years, and continued to teach high school students throughout her battle. She worked hard to live each day to the fullest and to share her joy for education and self-betterment.

The Rosalyn Saltz and Norman Seymour Pliner Scholarship Fund

, ·

Provides financial assistance for post-secondary education to applicants residing in North or South Carolina. Selected recipient(s) must demonstrate commitment and involvement in their chosen field as well as advancing Jewish women in leadership roles.

The Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation


Thanks to the generosity of donors from South Palm Beach, the Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation is pleased to provide a limited number of scholarships to Jewish students living in South Palm Beach County, Florida (Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach) for undergraduate education. Scholarship requests are confidentially reviewed by our Scholarship Committee and approved by the Jewish Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees once a year in late spring.

College Raptor, offering side-by-side comparisons of private loans!

· ,

At College Raptor, we believe there’s a right college fit for every student. Our innovative college planning tools help maximize your chance of discovering the best college match and embark on your journey with efficiency and confidence.

Senior Care Scholarship


SeniorCare.com is dedicated to helping seniors and their families in their quest for a better life. Aging impacts everyone and as the aging population explodes over the next 30 years, SeniorCare.com wants to bring more awareness to the key issues we face. We will be awarding an annual college scholarship to an individual that best demonstrates to us why “Aging Matters” to them.

We are excited to announce the SeniorCare.com Aging Matters Scholarship. A $1500 scholarship will be given annually to a selected college student that currently cares for an aging loved one, works within the senior community, or intends to pursue a career that will have an impact on the elder population. Any existing student (or incoming freshman), in good academic standing, at a 2 or 4 year accredited college can apply for this scholarship. And the recipient will demonstrate a unique and admirable understanding and desire to show us that “Aging Matters” to them.

The SeniorCare.com Aging Matters Scholarship awards $1500 to be applied towards tuition, books, board and other expenses.

Scholarship Details:
Amount: $1,500
Duration: One-Time Payment
Number of Recipients: 1 per year
Applications accepted beginning June 15th for awards the following year
Deadline Date: May 15th, 2022
Selection Date: June 15th, 2022
Announcement Date: As soon as the recipient is contacted and eligibility confirmed
Application Requirements:
An existing college student or incoming freshman (to be enrolled in the Fall of 2022 in good academic standing)
Attending any 2 year or 4 year accredited college or university as a full-time student
Complete and submit the application form.
Judging will be based on the submission quality of the application, which will include a short, 1000 word or less essay on why Aging Matters to the applicant.

Hillel Campus Leadership Award


Award Amount: $4,000
Application Deadline: March 1, 2022
This scholarship is awarded annually to two full-time students seeking a bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university who demonstrate extraordinary leadership abilities, and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Applicants must self-identify as Jewish and commit to attending at least one Hillel event in the upcoming school year. Previous attendance at Hillel events is NOT a requirement for this scholarship.

Single Parent Scholarships


The Custody X Change Giving Fund awards three scholarships to single parents each year for undergraduate study.

To apply, email us at [email protected] with your contact details, and attach a 400 to 500 word essay, “How will you use your education to improve your family” and your unofficial college transcript (or your admissions letter (if you’re in your first semester).

The scholarship application window is open all year; each semester’s application window opens right after the previous semester’s deadline.

In order to qualify for the Custody X Change Single Parent Scholarship, you must:

  • Have primary physical custody of one or more minor children
  • Be enrolled full-time as an undergraduate at an accredited college or university
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher or be a first-semester student

The scholarship is open to single parent students around the world. If you’re outside the US, you should have the equivalent of 3.0 GPA or higher on your university’s grading scale.

New Silver Fintech Scholarship


New Silver Fintech Scholarship New Silver is empowering students to reach new goals as the entrepreneurs and technologists of tomorrow. Apply today for a chance to win your share of a $10,000.00 scholarship fund. Apply Today Why the New Silver Fintech Scholarship Exists

Gerald Ward Graduate School Scholarship

· ,

Thanks to the generosity of the late Gerald Ward, whose goal was to help Jewish students pursue a graduate school education, we are pleased to provide a limited number of scholarships to Jewish students living in South Palm Beach County, FL (Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach) for graduate school education. Scholarship requests are confidentially reviewed by our Scholarship Committee and approved by the Jewish Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees once a year in late spring.

Dr. Sanford and Thelma Glanz Medical School Scholarship

· ,

Due to the generosity of Dr. & Mrs. Sanford and Thelma Glanz, The Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation (JJCF) is pleased to provide a limited number of scholarships to Jewish medical students living in South Palm Beach County, FL (Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach) for their Medical School education. Annual requests are confidentially reviewed by our scholarship committee and approved by the Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Teach.com Scholarships


With the rising cost of college tuition continuing to be a major point of discussion in the 21st century, educating yourself on all of the financial aid and scholarship options available to you prior to enrolling in a program is undoubtedly in your best interest. 

There are many categories that scholarships might fall into, from scholarships for minority students to scholarships broken down by specific area of interest. 

Teach.com wants to help you explore all of your options when it comes to financing your education, as we know how important it is to offset tuition costs. With this in mind, we have compiled guides to scholarships and grants in a variety of fields. Click through below to your field of interest and discover the financial resources available to you!

BestColleges Financial Education Resources


Explore BestColleges’ collection of financial education resources to learn how to take control of your finances for the best college experience.

The Harvey Rubin Scholarship Award


The Harvey Rubin Scholarship Award was founded in 2002 by Philip and Amy Rubin in memory of Philip’s father. Currently in its 20th year, this merit-based scholarship award recognizes the outstanding leadership of a high school senior in the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta and the Atlanta Jewish community. The scholarship award helps a Jewish teen further their education while providing a unique philanthropic opportunity to give-back through a monetary donation to a program at the MJCCA that helped develop their leadership role in the Jewish community.

Navigating Financial Aid


Navigating the financial aid process can seem daunting whether it’s your first time in college or you are a returning student. Use these step-by-step instructions to help guide you through the process.

10 Common FAFSA Mistakes to Avoid


You’ll have a better chance at receiving money for college if you avoid several common mistakes when filling out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form, such as not completing it on time, not filling it out correctly, or forgetting to sign and submit.

5 Best Personal Finance Tips for College Students!


College students have a lot on their minds. From academic achievement to personal finances for college students, the students who can handle all the variables of college life the best tend to be the most prepared. 

Although you don’t always know what will happen in the future, there are some known costs associated with education that you can plan for in advance. 

Additionally, by following some or all of these outlined best practices, you can likely alleviate stress and better manage your personal finances. 

Why creating a student loan payment plan is important, plus 4 more money tips for new grads


As the Class of 2021 heads out into the world, they’ll be facing a variety of financial decisions big and small 一 from renting an apartment to purchasing a new car to opening a checking account.

The choices you make right after graduation, like setting up a 401(k) or creating a plan for repaying student loans, can help set you up on a path toward financial success.

Your credit scorebudgeting skills, and retirement savings will all play a role in when (and whether) you can achieve certain financial milestones, like putting a down payment on a house or fully paying off your student debt. Below, Select shares five personal finance tips that will help new graduates (or adults of any age) who are learning how to manage their money.

Must-Have Resources for Low-Income College Students


Nearly one-third of college students are low-income, and most don’t know the resources and programs that can help them. If you’re a college student in need, use these key resources to get help both inside and outside of the classroom.

101 Essential Resources and Tips for College Freshmen


With hundreds of thousands of college freshmen starting college across the country, I wanted to share some of the best tips, tricks, and insights I’ve found and compiled so that none of you turn into a delusional college student.

Starting life alone for the first time can be a challenge on multiple fronts – educational, financial, social, and more.  With safety nets gone, college freshman have to figure it out alone.  Here is a great guide to help them find the information they need to be successful.

This guide isn’t all-inclusive (although we tried to be). If you have a great tip or trick for college students, please share it in the comments below!

Morris J. & Betty Kaplun Essay Contest


The goal of the annual Kaplun Essay Contest is to encourage students to think about their heritage, reflect on their values, and better understand Judaism’s contribution to civilization and culture. We believe strongly in the value of this writing process as a way for young people to explore challenging ethical topics

The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee Education Scholarship Program


Each year, The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee (JFSM) awards education scholarships to qualified applicants attending: College, Community College, Vocational/Technical School or University. 

Stein Family Scholarship


Arlene Shea Stein lived her life for everyone else. She represented the true meaning of altruism, possessed unconditional love and had the fortitude to show forgiveness. Next to her children and grandchildren Arlene’s compassion and deep sense of Tikkum Olam is her greatest legacy. Her children and grandchildren had a special relationship and personal bond with their mother and grandmother. Arlene was their mentor, their friend and passed along her passion for making the world a better place.

Future Leaders in Tech $20,000 Scholarship


Perlego is awarding a $20,000 scholarship! One grand prize winner will receive a scholarship of $5,000/year for 4 years of college/university. In addition they will receive a 1-3 month internship after graduation. Two runner-ups will each receive an annual subscription to Perlego.

Perlego | Your Online University


Unlock knowledge with Perlego’s online library of academic resources and tools, trusted by students worldwide.

UMN Open Textbook Library


Open textbooks are licensed by authors and publishers to be freely used and adapted. Download, edit and distribute them at no cost.

Now offering 1024 open textbooks, the Open Textbook Library is supported by the Open Education Network.

BiOptimizers Annual Scholarship Contest


At biOptimizers, we’re focused on helping people of all ages reach their full potential through better health and wellness. To help aspiring students reach their educational goals, we’re announcing a yearly essay contest.

Student Scholarship Awards from Study.com


At Study.com we are thrilled to provide students with expert homework help as well as personalized answers to questions that you can’t find in our library. Along with our commitment to make education accessible through engaging content and step-by-step solutions to improve students’ understanding of concepts, we also want to reduce the financial barriers to a high-quality education. With this in mind, the Study.com team has created many scholarships to support students in their studies.

Student Loan Best Practices


When it comes to enrolling in college, the process of selecting the right major and school often overshadows a consideration that may have an even greater effect on your post-graduation life — how you will pay for your education. Student loans are the most common answer to this question.

International Association of Jewish Free Loans (IAJFL)


JELF is a proud member of the International Association of Jewish Free Loans (IAJFL) where we represent educational funds in the southeast. View a complete directory of other Jewish interest free loan organizations located around the world, some of which also provide educational assistance.

Four Steps to Making a Balanced College List


As many schools welcome the Class of 2023, college-bound seniors should be refining their college lists and making sure that is balanced (i.e., contains a selection of schools that are a good fit).

Balanced List: Defined

When using the term “balanced,” I am referring specifically to selectivity and how that applies to individual students. A balanced list includes safety schools, target schools, and reach schools – all of which have passed the “test of good fit.”

#BalancedList = #Safety + #Target + #Reach

College Admissions Deadlines: What they Mean for You


If you’re applying to college, you should understand the various admissions deadlines, the pros and cons of each, and how to evaluate which deadline(s) is/are best for you. Like most aspects of the college admissions process, admission deadlines are more complicated than they appear. A strategic college admissions process includes a solid understanding of what each admissions deadline means and which is best for you.

College Readiness Audit


Take these 5 steps to ensure you are ready to apply for college!

8 Tips for Completing the Activities Section of College Applications


It is a fact that some factors in the college application process are completely out of your control (e.g., college acceptance rates). That said, there are some factors over which you have total control. One way to take advantage of controllable factors in the college applications process is to ensure that all sections of your college applications, Common Application, Coalition Application, etc. are completed accurately AND to the best of your ability.

Neurodiverse Students CAN and DO Succeed in College


Neurodiverse students can and do succeed in college.  While Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 entitles all students with documented disabilities to reasonable accommodations, it is important to understand that not all college disability services are created equal. Neurodiverse students must ensure that the colleges to which they apply are good fits and be prepared to advocate for themselves. As well as receiving accommodations, some students may benefit from taking a reduced course load.

Bottom line: Neurodiverse students should only apply to colleges where they can thrive!

The AXS Companion to Common App


Welcome to the AXS Companion to Common App! This resource is a guide to walk you through the Common Application (Common App) process. This is a shareable, free, open resource.

Free ACT Test Prep


Maybe you’ve been planning your future for years. Maybe you’re ready to start exploring opportunities. Wherever life takes you, ACT will help you get there.

This guide was designed to make understanding all things ACT as simple as possible. With information about ACT test dates, fee waivers, and test prep, you’ll find everything you need to succeed on test day.



ScholarMatch’s mission is to support first-generation college students earn a bachelor’s degree within five years. We provide virtual individualized advising, targeted financial support, and career mentoring all the way to graduation.

Matchlighters Scholars Program


The Matchlighters Scholars Program pairs high-achieving students from low-income households with experienced college counselors – and it’s totally free. It is for high-achieving students from lower-income families who have solid grades, but just need a little extra help on the college application and essay process.

College Application Hub


A gathering place for some of College Essay Guy’s favorite guides and resources.

College Financial Aid Demystified


A helpful PowerPoint to get you through understanding college financial aid – by Dr. Kathy Griswold Fine.

Completing the FAFSA: 5 Easy Steps


A helpful 5-step process in completing the FAFSA by Dr. Kathy Griswold Fine.

Financial Terms Glossary


This glossary contains terms you may find useful when teaching youth financial literacy. These terms are used throughout the classroom activities and can help students better understand financial literacy concepts.

How to Save Thousands on College Costs – A Comprehensive Guide


College Aid Pro financial experts, Peg Keough and Matt Carpenter, explore the ways a family can save thousands of dollars on the cost of college, as well as financial aid 101. As the fairy godmother and head coach of financial planning explain each step of the college process, they show you why myCAP is the best tool when shopping for affordable colleges.

Parental Support for College Students


Transitioning from high school to college is an exciting and empowering experience. While some high school graduates delay attending college, about two thirds of attendees are still considered “traditional” college students, enrolling immediately after their senior year of high school. Students in this demographic are usually just beginning to assert their independence, while remaining partially dependent on their parents as they test their new freedoms. They may still live at home over the summers, or rely on their parents to help pay for school.

Career Village


CareerVillage.org’s mission is to democratize access to career information and advice for underrepresented youth. We do that by crowdsourcing the answers to every question from every student about every career. Together, we’re building a massive open-access reference source that every online learner can access anytime, anywhere. Join our movement of over 6,000,000 learners and over 100,000 volunteers.

College Greenlight


College Greenlight is the leading advocacy network dedicated to supporting first-generation, lower-income, and historically underrepresented students on their path to higher education. Launched in 2012, College Greenlight helps thousands of qualified, motivated students connect with colleges and universities to find their best college fit and financial support.

Grad Resources


Since 1990, Grad Resources has recognized the significant role of graduate students in America. From our studies on stress in graduate school to the painful stories of student struggles we hear every day, we understand the pressures they face. We offer services that address their personal, emotional and spiritual needs, providing online materials, meaningful connections, engaging speakers, and supportive faith-based communities that enable graduate students to flourish personally and professionally.

A Guide for Students: Take Charge of Your Finances


Being broke can be part of the college experience, but the savviest students turn the financial pain to their advantage by learning money habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. “College is a great time to learn to live within your means,” says Eric Roberge, a certified financial planner who runs Beyond Your Hammock and works with clients in their 20s and 30s. Even after you land your dream job, you’ll still need to spend wisely and live within your means. So college is the perfect time to learn to take control of your personal finances.

How to Choose a College: A Step-By-Step Guide


How do you choose a college that’s right for you? What a daunting question!

The good news: there are more than 4,500 colleges and universities in the US. Even better news: most schools accept most students, with the national average at around 67% (source). But which of the 4,500 should you apply to?

The “Everything I Want Colleges to Know About Me” List: A Brainstorm Exercise


Don’t know what you want colleges to know about you in your entrance essays and interviews? Look here for help!

How to Write a Successful College Transfer Essay


As a transfer student wondering how to start a transfer essay, you’re probably dealing with some version of this prompt:

“Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.”

I happen to believe there are…


Essential Advice for Low-Income & First-Generation College Students


The definition of a first generation college student is that you’ll be the first in your family to attend college. This means you may not be able to ask your parents about navigating the college application process and you might be the one explaining things like financial aid to them. Luckily, there is help to be found!

HireAHelper Skilled Trade & Technology Scholarships


If you are 18 years or over and currently be enrolled as a high school senior, or in a community college, undergraduate, graduate, technical college, or vocational program, and have a minimum 3.4 GPA than you can enter for this $2000 scholarship. You also must be pursuing a degree that enables you or others in your community to learn a new trade, develop skills and technology, or start a small business related to moving services offered by HireAHelper.

The Earnest Scholarship Fund


The Earnest Scholarship Fund awards $250,000 in scholarships each September, with 50 scholarships available each year. Submission deadline is July 31st. More details can be found at https://www.earnest.com/student-loans/scholarship

The Esther Bleich Scholarship (Atlanta area)


The Esther Bleich Scholarship, offered through The Temple, provides scholarship assistance to Atlanta area Jewish young people pursuing college and post graduate degrees. Scholarships are available in the amount of $1000-$7500 to any Jewish student in the greater Atlanta area. The grants or loans, which carry low interest rates, are primarily need-based, but student merit and field of study are also factors in the scholarship committee’s decision.

Students can request an application by calling The Temple office 404-873-1731 or emailing [email protected] with the subject line Esther Bleich Scholarship. The deadline for submitting the application is March 29th.

NYC Injury Attorneys P.C. $500 Essay Scholarship


The goal of this Scholarship is to help the future generation of New York City personal injury lawyers fund their education by offering an annual $500 scholarship. The Scholarship will be based on an essay competition focused on personal injury law.

Unigo Superpower Scholarship


Have you ever wondered where you’d go if you could fly around downtown? Or maybe you daydream of secretly taking over the world – to each his own. For all of those hero lovers and villain enthusiasts, this super scholarship can give you the power to win free college money.

Use your imagination and become the superhero, or perhaps supervillain, you’ve always wanted to be. Would you live a life in a comic book universe or use your powers here in the real world? We want to know how you would use your super powers for good, or bad, even if it was just for the day.

While we can’t give you the ability to walk through walls or read minds, our Superpower Scholarship can help increase your brainpower with $2,500 to use towards education.

Kass & Moses Addressing Injustice Scholarship


At the Law Firm of Kass & Moses, we have made a commitment to help others in the community. One way we have chosen to do this is through a scholarship to provide assistance to those pursuing further education. We are aware of the burden that the increased costs of college can put upon families. To help defray these costs, we present the Kass & Moses Scholarship.

The Nathan L. and Suzanne K. Wolfson Fund Merit Award


JBI International (est. as The Jewish Braille Institute) – The Nathan L. and Suzanne K. Wolfson Fund Merit Award program provides merit awards for Jewish undergraduate and graduate students who are blind or visually impaired and are attending accredited colleges or universities.  The awards are administered by JBI International in accordance with the Wolfson Fund’s guidelines.  Each awardee will receive at least $2,500, with the possibility of renewal.  For additional information and to apply, visit http://www.wolfsonfund.org.

Philadelphia Injury Lawyer P.C. Essay Competition $500 Scholarship – 2023


Philadelphia car accident lawyers are known for obtaining high judgments in Court for victims of car accidents. We want to help the future generation of Philadelphia car accident lawyers with their education expenses by offering an annual $500 scholarship. The Scholarship will be based on an essay competition with a topic focused on car accident law.



Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers are known for getting substantial judgments in Court for victims of personal injuries. We would like to help the future generation of personal injury lawyers with their education costs by offering an annual $500 scholarship. The scholarship will be based on an essay competition with a topic based on personal injuries law.

Can I Get an Interest-Free Student Loan?


When you’re counting up the costs of attending college, don’t forget about interest. If you have to borrow to pay for your tuition or living expenses, you’ll need to eventually pay back every penny you borrowed, plus interest.

Delta Community Credit Union Scholarship


Applicants must be a Delta Community Credit Union member. See Delta Community CU scholarship page for more details regarding eligibility and application process.

Georgia’s Own Credit Union What’s Ne[x]t Scholarship


Applicants must be a Georgia’s Own Credit Union member, see Georgia’s Own CU scholarship page for more details regarding eligibility and application process.

U.S. Department of Education


The U.S. Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid provides more than $120 billion in financial aid to help pay for college each year. This site offers information on federal assistance for students. Under “Publications,” you can download or order “The Student Guide” (free), which details each assistance program, how much it offers and who is eligible.

JCC Graduate Scholarship Programs

· ,

The JCC Association Graduate Education Scholarship Program is designed to help current and future JCC professionals deepen and enhance their professional knowledge in order to make them effective and successful.

Indiana University Scholarships


These scholarship opportunities are for students committed to pursuing a Jewish Studies major at Indiana University Bloomington. Multiple scholarships exist. Candidates will be considered primarily on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and promise. Extracurricular achievements will also be considered. Students must have a high school GPA of 3.5 or above (out of a 4.0 scale) or equivalent and a record of academic and extracurricular accomplishment.

Hebrew Free Loan of South Florida


If you are living in Miami-Dade, apply for interest-free loans for personal, business, fertility and adoption!

How to save money in college, even though you’re busy learning


If you know how to save money in college, you could graduate with a few dollars in your pocket. Check out this step-by-step guide to building your savings in college.

4 Tax Breaks every U.S. College Student should know about


Tax credits and tax deductions for college students can help offset the cost of school or repaying a loan. College students can only claim one tax credit a year, but parents supporting more than one child in college can claim tax credits, in some cases, on a per-student basis. Learn more here!

Annuity.org Financial Literacy Advice


Our brand new page covers topics like need vs. merit-based scholarships, the intricacies of student loans, planning for life after college and much more. You can check out our guide here: http://www.annuity.org/financial-literacy/students/

Handeli First-Year Student Scholarship


Award Amount: $4,000
Application Deadline: March 1, 2022
The Handeli First-Year Student Scholarship is awarded annually to two graduating high school seniors who are preparing to seek a bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada. Applicants must demonstrate a record of leadership and/or volunteer service in any aspect of their local community, and must also self-identify as Jewish.

GFWC Dunwoody Woman’s Club Scholarship


In 2021, the GFWC Dunwoody Woman’s Club is sponsoring three (3) $2,000 one-time awards for high school seniors who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, school and community service, and a strong desire for higher learning. Applicants must live or attend school in zip codes 30328, 30338, 30346, 30350, or 30360. The award will be paid directly to the financial aid department of the school where the applicant has been accepted and may be used for tuition, room, board, fees, books, or any other legitimate educational expense. The award is funded by the Club’s annual Ways and Means Project.

The Linda Berey Hurst Chai Fund for Jewish Life, for immersive Jewish experiences


Linda Berey Hurst, Z”L, was a beloved member of the South Palm Beach community who lived every day with passion. She had a deep commitment to Jewish life in South Palm Beach County, where she was devoted to helping the community grow and to ensuring a bright future. In her memory, Linda’s family established a fund to ensure that Jewish children have access to quality immersive Jewish experiences, such as Jewish overnight camp and study in Israel programs. Thanks to the generosity of Linda’s family and many friends, we are pleased to provide a limited number of scholarships to Jewish students living in South Palm Beach County, Florida (Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach) for immersive Jewish experiences such as Jewish overnight camp and study in Israel programs.

Atlanta Israel Gap Year Scholarship


$10K Scholarships Available for Gap Year in Israel

Time is running out to apply for one of JumpSpark’s $10,000 Atlanta Israel Gap Year Scholarships. Atlanta high school seniors can receive a $10,000 – $15,000 scholarship toward a gap year experience in Israel for the 2022-2023 school year. Learn more and apply today!

Florida-Israel Institute Scholarship


The Florida-Israel Institute scholarship is primarily an academic scholarship. You do not have to be Jewish. But you DO have to be an Israeli citizen to qualify. Scholarship awards are determined by the Institute on a competitive basis. You must have an F-1 (student) or prospective student visa or, in some cases, a J-1 or H-1 may be considered. It will be your responsibility to obtain your visa and to follow the rules of the U.S. immigration and naturalization service.

You can study any subject so long as you are working toward a degree or certificate. The maximum number of credits that any student may receive is 120 for undergraduate study, 30 for graduate study and 18 for post-graduate study.



Bronx truck accident lawyers are known for getting high settlements for their truck accident clients. We want to help the next generation of Bronx truck accident lawyers pay for their education by awarding an annual $500 scholarship. Our scholarship will be based on a written essay contest with a concentration on truck accident law.

Patrick Maddren Scholarship


The Patrick Henry Maddren Scholarship has been created to help one student defray the high cost of university tuition. Patrick believes that everyone who seeks higher education should be able to do so. The Patrick Henry Maddren Scholarship is the result of this commitment.

Kobrin Family Scholarship


The Kobrin Family Scholarship was established in 1990 to be awarded to a qualified, full-time, graduating high school student from the Jewish communities of Orange, Osceola, or Seminole County who will be attending the University of Central Florida (UCF). The scholarship is available in the amount of $2,500 per year for a maximum of four (4) years. Scholarship recipients must maintain a 3.1 GPA (based on a 4.0 scale) each year while at UCF in order to remain qualified for the scholarship. Application Deadline: April 27, 2023


A completed application packet

Student must be accepted at and planning to attend UCF as a full-time student

Financial need as demonstrated by the Student Aid Report (SAR) from the FAFSA

Resident of Orange, Osceola, or Seminole County

High school GPA of at least 3.2 based on a 4.0 scale

Minimum SAT test score of 1210 (Reading + Math) or ACT composite score of 25

School/Community involvement during high school

Overall quality of the application

The committee has the right to consider other factors in awarding the scholarship

Scholarship Owl


Simplify and focus our application process with one stop platform for vetted scholarships.

Hillel Jewish Scholarship Portal


Your one-stop shop for financial aid. Browse more than 600 college scholarships for Jewish students!

Epic Foundation


Available financial support for students in need to use towards college, universities, trade & vocational school tuition as well as tutoring, emergency funds, and other forms of expense.

Common App


Apply to college for the first time or transfer to complete your degree. Navigate your entire college application journey with Common App.

Stampede Auto Used Cars Dealers Scholarship


The cost of a college education is skyrocketing, and it’s becoming more and more difficult for students to afford to pay for school.

The Used Cars Dealers Scholarship is here to help. We’re awarding a scholarship to one deserving student each year.

DataNumen Scholarship


The DataNumen Scholarship is a merit-based program for the most intelligent and deserving candidate in America. Also, we are delighted to come up with such an idea of helping poor students with the scholarship prize of $1,000 for writing an outstanding essay. The scholarship money is one-time financial help or cash reward for the most brilliant students who have a flair for writing a detailed, informative, and engaging essay.

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