Mission & Vision

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Who We Serve

JELF is dedicated to the Jewish students in our five-state region of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia (excluding metro DC).

JELF strongly believes that money should not stand between a student and the education that they need to excel in life.

We’re proud that so many of our loan recipients not only become JELF donors, but also vital members of their Jewish communities – in turn, helping future Jewish students in need

296 recipients this year

A stellar 99% repayment rate

2,000 JELF loans disbursed

$14,500,000 in educational loans

100% interest-free

Success Story

Megan Williamson

"I was able to enjoy college life while interning with two non-profits which led to employment at graduation and then became building blocks for the consulting role I am now in.”

Success Story

Sara Massachi

JELF was an academic lifesaver for me!  JELF allowed me to continue my college career after a sudden death in my family nearly forced me to leave college and head back home.  With the help of JELF, I was able to stay in school and earn my BSN.  


How JELF works

  • To determine a student’s JELF loan, JELF first calculates the total cost to attend school for the academic year, including room/board, transportation, living expenses and supplies.  JELF then subtracts the student’s total financial resources (including state, school and federal aid as well as possible family contribution(s) from the total cost. By doing this, JELF "levels playing the field" for each student’s need - and prides itself on doing so in a personal, individualized way.

  • After applying online with all required documentation, students and their co-signer(s) meet with a Local JELF Administrator (LJA) in their hometown. Through this one-on-one interview, JELF works to better understand the student’s financial situation beyond what their tax return shows.

  • After the application process and LJA interview, loan applications are reviewed anonymously and confidentially by a committee of volunteers who then determine final loan decisions.

Last year alone the generosity of our donors just like you helped 296 students achieve their educational goals.

Each year we have over 200 volunteers, many of who are former recipients, who give their time to help Jewish students succeed. 

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